Ferretti Security and Defence, or FSD for short, is a new business division marking Ferretti Group’s latest venture into the design, production, sale and servicing of naval platforms built specifically for Security and Defence clients. Ferretti Group represents the best of Italian nautical traditions with over 10,000 craft built in more than 170 years of operations, and includes some of the most prestigious brands in the yachting world, such as Riva, Ferretti Yachts, Pershing, Custom Line, Itama, Mochi Craft and CRN. The Group’s latest goal is for FSD to become one of the main benchmarks for the Navy, Coastguard, Police, Defence and Security forces in Italy and abroad. Ferretti Group’s superior engineering know-how places FSD in an ideal position to offer a wide range of professional vessels, with planing or displacement hulls in composite materials, steel or aluminium, thus placing its unsurpassed knowledge in technology and quality at the service of institutional clients involved in Search & Rescue missions or Patrol, Surveillance, Anti-crime and Anti-terrorism operations. The production capacity at its six boatyards in Italy and its far-reaching global service network can cater to any demands in terms of production volumes or certified warranties, and offers an after-sales service that is highly professional and readily available. The threats faced at sea nowadays are increasingly acute and widespread, be it piracy, human trafficking, or the risk of terrorist infiltration. Our institutional clients can be sure of the competitive edge of FSD when updating their fleets to ensure the most effective surveillance of their coastline and of those of allied nations.

FSD’s quality and superior engineering know-how offer a full range of nautical technologies: planning, displacement, advanced composite, steel and aluminum hull for Civil or Institutional Users.
By developing a new philosophy of professional vessels, FSD now delivers a unique platform: strong, safe, fast, armored and agile to perform constant and reliable missions. In a few words, we build your Security at sea.



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ISO 9001:2015 certification attests that all the processes that impact on the quality of a company’s products and services, and ultimately on customer satisfaction, meet the highest standards. Ferretti Group was awarded the certification in 2006, another distinctive hallmark of our accomplishment in the shipbuilding sector. The aim was both to underpin the excellence of the organization and management of all workflows that contribute to the creation of the company’s products and services, from development through to final delivery, and to consolidate the expertise and best practices within the group.

ISO 9001